National Film Office


Presenting the National Film Office of Hungary

The National Film Office is the authority discharging national administrative and controlling duties in relation to motion picture films and as such it is subject to the general rules of public administration and the Motion Picture Act.


The Film Office has been operating as one of the most important Hungarian institutions in the field of film administration and financing for more than 17 years and is currently in charge of the 30% tax refund system.


The Film Office is responsible for many other essential procedures, which include:


- administrative procedures entitling to direct Hungarian film production subsidies,

- registering and controlling all production and distribution companies and all filming in Hungary,

- supervising the execution of all bilateral and multilateral international film production treaties with Hungarian participation,

- classifying and supervising art-cinemas and art films distributed in Hungary,

- classifying also all cinematographic works to be shown in cinemas according to age limits and monitoring the compliance,

- statistical procedures for the entire Hungarian film sector.

At present, the Film Office has a full-time staff of 20. We also operate two committees, the Content Rating Committee makes a recommendation to the authority on the classification of films (for the protection of minors), and the Art Committee assists us in the classification of art films.


What does the Hungarian National Film Office do in the field of film financing? Among many other tasks, the NFO is responsible for issuing tax certificates proving eligibility for tax benefits, examining and certifying production costs and registering Hungarian production companies.

The objective of the system is to increase the number of films produced partly or entirely in Hungary to support the Hungarian audiovisual industry and the production capacity of the country, while increasing the number of experts employed in the film industry. The tax relief system achieves such goals by allowing foreign film producers to reduce the production costs, and providing additional resources for Hungarian films and co-productions by encouraging Hungarian companies to invest in film production.


What types of productions may be eligible for the tax relief? Films produced on order (productions carried out by foreign film producers with the involvement of an assigned Hungarian film production company), and films not produced on order (co-productions or Hungarian films: productions made by a Hungarian producer or co-producer). All films made in Hungary, produced either or not on order by a registered Hungarian film production company may be eligible for the tax relief.  All films shot in Hungary are also subject to a cultural test in accordance with the European cultural standards and film-industrial criteria.

Films that are not in the scope of the tax relief system and therefore excluded by law are the following:

- extremely violent and/or films with explicit content ,

- reality shows,

- scripted reality shows,

- soap operas,

- advertisements, commercials.


What are the direct film production costs incurred in Hungary? Shortly, all payments listed in the budget that were paid to Hungarian taxpayers. Direct expenses paid by the qualified Hungarian production (pre-production, production /shooting time/, and post-production), as wages, above- and below-the-line, all kinds of production costs, financing costs, administration, insurance, etc. costs.


Items excluded by law:


- indirect costs (advertising, promotion),


- costs incurred following the master print (distribution),


- royalties are limited to 4% of the Hungarian budget of the film,


- the sum of the producers’ fees are limited to 4% of the Hungarian budget of the film.

- the sum of the producers’ fees is limited to 4% of the Hungarian budget of the film.


The qualifying non-Hungarian expenses can be incurred in any country and such expenses may qualify to the tax relief system up to 20% of Hungarian production costs.



Here are some examples of recent productions that were our clients:


Title Year Hungarian Film Costs         (Billion HUF) Director Stars
Poor Things 2021- 11,7 Yorgos Lanthimos Emma Stone, Willem Dafoe
FBI International 2021- 19,6   (tv series)
Borderlands 2021- 23,4 Eli Roth Cate Blanchett
Jack Ryan - Season 3 2021- 29   (tv series) John Krasinski
Half Stack/ Moon Knight 2021- 33,5   (tv series) Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke
The Continental 2021- 18,3   (tv series) Mel Gibson
The Last Kingdom  5. évad 2021- 8,6   (tv series)
Mrs Harris Goes to Paris 2020- 2,4  Anthony Fabian Isabelle Huppert, Lucas Bravo
The Unbearable Weight os Massive Talent 2020- 8  Tom Gormican Nicolas Cage, Pedro Pascal
Harry Haft 2019-2020 4,7 Barry Levinson Peter Sarsgaard, Danny DeVito
The Barbarians 2019-2020 4,4   (tv series)
Outside of the Wire 2019-2020 5,2   Anthony Mackie
The Last Kingdom 4. évad 2019-2020 6,6   (tv series)
Treadstone 2019-2020 11,9   (tv series)
Shadow and Bone 2019-2020 14,8   (tv series)
Angel of Darkness 2019-2020 18,2   (tv series)
HALO (a.k.a. Silver) 2019-2020 37,8   (tv series)
Dune 2019-2020 29,5 Denis Villeneuve Zendaya, Jason Momoa, Rebecca Ferguson
The King 2018-2019 6,5 David Michôd Robert Pattinson, Ben Mendelsohn, Timothée Chalamet, Joel Edgerton
The Witcher  2018-2019 11,7

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich

Henry Cavill
Phoenix / Untitled Terminator Reboot 2018-2019 20,6 Tim Miller Arnold Schwarzenegger
Gemini Man 2018-2019 7,4 Ang Lee Will Smith
Géniusz (Picasso) 2018 7,2 Kenneth Biller  Antonio Banderas
The Alienist 2018 22 Jakob Verbruggen  Daniel Brühl, Dakota Fanning, Luke Evans 
Colette 2018 1,8 Wash Westmoreland  Keira Knightley 
The Spy Who Dumped Me 2018 9 Susanna Fogel  Justin Theroux, Mila Kunis
Red Sparrow 2018 11,3 Francis Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence
Blade Runner 2049 2017 28,5 Denis Villeneuve Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling
Atomic Blonde (The Coldest City) 2015-2017 4,9 David Leitch  Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, John Goodman 
The Childhood of a Leader  2015-2016 0,7 Brady Corbet Robert Pattinson
Maigret 2015-2016 1,6 Ashley Pearce Rowan Atkinson
Inferno 2015-2016 11,2 Ron Howard Tom Hanks
Spy 2015 7,3 Paul Feig Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, Jason Statham
The Martian 2015 11,8 Ridley Scott Matt Damon
Hercules 2014 14,2 Brett Ratner Dwayne Johnson
Houdini (TV Series) 2014 2 Uli Edel Adrien Brody
47 Ronin 2013 4,2 Carl Rinsch Keanu Reeves
World War Z 2013 3,5 Marc Forster Brad Pitt
A Good Day to Die Hard 2013 10,4 John Moore Bruce Willis
The Borgias (TV Series) 2011-2013 15,3 Neil Jordan Jeremy Irons
The Rite 2011 3,2 Mikael Hafström Anthony Hopkins




For more detailed information, please consult the relevant parts of the Hungarian Film Act. We hope to make it easier for you through our new English-language information website, which will be available soon. In the meantime, for any further questions you may contact: filmiroda@mk.gov.hu





            dr. Miklós TABA


Head of the National Film Office